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About WAI


Wangchan Advanced Industrial Labs is a cluster of three R&D labs focused on developing machines that can sense the environment, carry out thinking tasks, and take action in the real world. These labs are Interfaces Industrial Research, VISTEC-depa Thailand AI Research Institute, and Research Center for Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Automation (ARIA). Together they jointly conduct research under the theme “Building Sense-Think-Act machines”.

Healthcare and
Aging Assistant Tech

The Interfaces lab primarily focuses on developing sensing and biosensing technologies. This includes research into developing new sensors and sensor systems that can detect and analyze various data types, including biological signals.

AI for Everyone

The VISTEC-depa Thailand AI Research Institute is focused on developing natural language processing technologies. This includes research into large language models that can perform advanced cognitive tasks.


The ARIA Research Center is focused on the development of robotics and human-centric automation technologies. This includes research into the development of robots that can sense and safely interact with their environment as well as humans and the development of algorithms and systems that can control and coordinate groups of robots.